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Hearing our listeners’ voice, always brings pleasure.

Hearing our listeners’ voice always brings pleasure. UCR-FM is a community radio that covers the entire O.R. Tambo region and beyond. The latest stats show that we have a listenership of over 450 000. We have a variety of radio shows around the clock.

We are the biggest community radio station in the Eastern Cape with a high number of regular listeners. We are located in Mthatha, the most prominent, fastest developing urban area in the eastern side of the Eastern Cape Province. According to the South African Audience Research Foundation (SAARF), UCR has 280 0000 listeners belonging to Life Standards Measurement (LSM) 1 to 6; their age group is 16 to 50+ years. The station broadcasts 24 hours seven days a week. Languages used to broadcast are Xhosa, English, Zulu and Sotho; Xhosa and English are dominant languages. The programming format is 60% talk and 40% music.


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