Eskom to implement load reduction from 5pm

Eskom will implement load reduction from 5pm to 10pm in some parts of the country.

These include Limpopo, Eastern Cape and the North West provinces.

The power utility says the move is aimed at avoiding network overloading in networks with high density.

“Currently Eskom is battling to keep up with increased impact of illegal connections and tampering and the equipment failure caused by overloading, which costs Eskom millions to repair,” says the electricity service provider in a statement sent out on Twitter.

The company has urged the public to reduce electricity usage as the power system is severely constrained, with a high probability of load shedding.

In a statement sent earlier before the announcement on load reduction, the power utility said it could be forced to implement Stage 1 or, if necessary, Stage 2 load shedding at short notice should any further breakdowns occur.

It says Eskom teams are working tirelessly to return more generators to service and it will communicate promptly should there be any significant changes to the system.

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